Rob Groves Personal Management is a leading boutique actors’ agency, with clients working in TV, film and theatre, in the UK  and across the world.

We keep our client portfolio small, so as to provide proactive career management for our carefully selected talent.  Our reputation has been built over many years, by providing an excellent, professional service to casting professionals, as well as to the actors in our client portfolio.

Rob Groves talks about RGPM in the video below.

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Our Clients

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Kieran Dooner

Jack Taylor

Fred Cheeseright

Drew Elston

Adrien Liss

John Patterson

Piero Grandinetti


Ceri Mears

Alex Babic

Christopher Glover

Simon Alison

Steve O’Halloran

Math Sams

Michael Eriera

Peter Spencer

David Hatton

Clare Stenning

Collene Webb

Mai Weisz

Melanie Barcelo

Jodi Broome

Charlotte Reidie

Elizabeth Cachia

Velenzia Spearpoint

Sassy Clyde

Zoia Birmingham

Eliza Power

Lucy Middleditch

Ceejay Sargent

Eva Gray

Sarah Somerville

Jane de Florez

Karen Cooper

Julie Bevan

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